Tara + Joseph | Rooftop Wedding in St. Paul

Middle. School. Sweethearts!!! These two have a long history and one heck of a love story. I don't know how sure of yourself you were when you were in middle school, but I most certainly wasn't at the point of selecting my lifetime mate. No, I was consumed with thoughts of managing my frizzy hair and purchasing my next pair of Sketchers. 

Tara and Joey were married at A'BULAE in St. Paul this past fall surrounded by the overwhelming love and support from their family and friends, glasses of champagne, and a whole lot of laughter. These two have certainly seen each other through many phases of life, and I'm sure they'll greet many more by each other's side! 

ps: Be sure to note the frames on the dinner tables indicating the table numbers. The paper in the frames is comprised of all the love notes Tara and Joey wrote to one another when they were younger. I don't think it gets any sweeter! 

Tim + James | Minneapolis City Hall Wedding

These two gents threw one majorly classy party to celebrate their love. We were honored to witness such a monumental moment in their lives, and we still can't get over the beauty of their reception venue. The magnitude and scale of all the carved white marble was incredible! Cheers to you, Tim & James! 

ps: Some well deserved vendor love to Rosetree Events for knocking it out of the park with this one! 

Ann + Mark | Loft Wedding in Stillwater, MN

Ann and Mark sat down with me last summer to communicate the vision for their wedding and I was immediately so excited to be working with them. A killer loft space in downtown Stillwater, an intimate evening ceremony, and just a couple siblings in their bridal party.  Perfect. They're easily two of the most chill folks I've ever worked with, and I so appreciated the nature of their wedding reflecting that. To wit, when Ann was asked what kind of lip gloss she was planning on using for the day she replied, "eh, I think I'll just use my chapstick". Never underestimate the beauty of Carmex, ladies! 

Ann and Mark: may all of your adventures together be happy ones!

A&Bé Bridal Shop | &ONE Party

The most gorgeous gowns Minneapolis has to offer are most certainly at A&Bé Bridal Shop. Perfectly unique gowns for non-traditional brides are their forte, and they host a beautiful collection of designers such as Truvelle, Katie May, Anna CampbellRue De Seine, and Sarah Seven. Equally as gorgeous as their gowns is the shop itself. Oh my. With it's chic mid-century decor, laid back living room vibe, and gowns and accessories you can actually see and touch (oh yes!), it's no wonder A&Bé was recently voted one of the "Top 50 Bridal Shops in America" by BRIDES Magazine. I'm in love (and admittedly biased since I moonlight as a bridal stylist here from time to time)!

A&Bé recently celebrated their &ONE birthday party to celebrate one year of business in MN by hosting a fabulous bash and I was fortunate enough to celebrate with them and snap some photos of the evening as well! Wedding vendor friends stopped in early to have some fun trying on gowns, the sweets and champagne were remarkably delicious, the runway show was killer, and the giveaways were a HIT! One lucky lady even scored a free engagement session with yours truly! We were super honored to have designer Sarah Seven in attendance as well. There's a shot of her tearing it up on the dance floor at the end of this post! 

Major thanks and praise to all of the WONDERFUL ladies at A&Bé for planning and hosting this shindig and also to the incredible vendors who contributed to the beauty and life of the party as well! Thanks to Whimsy Designs, Cocoa & Fig, Just Cuz Beauty, Keen Bee Calligraphy, Instant Request DJ Entertainment, Room No. 3, The Bow Tie Shoppe, Amazing Alterations, and Liquid Motion

To all of my beautiful brides-to-be: THIS IS THE PLACE! I so badly wish they had a MN location when I got married (sigh). Do yourself a favor and book an appointment at A&Bé

Print Your Photos! | Easy Photo Printing via Pixieset

We’re in Love with Pixieset

 A screenshot from Pixieset's shopping cart feature.

A screenshot from Pixieset's shopping cart feature.

For a little over a year Rachel and I have been using a wonderfully designed site called Pixieset to digitally deliver engagement and portrait sessions to our clients. *Weddings will start being delivered via Pixieset in early 2016.

No More Apps, Memory Cards, or Kiosks

Recently, Pixieset added a new feature that allows clients to easily order prints right from the gallery of photos they receive from us. Instead of having to download all of one's photos and then re-upload them to an app or copy the files to a memory card for printing at a Target or Walgreens, all a user has to do is add the photos they want to print to Pixieset's built-in shopping cart feature, purchase, and your photos get shipped right to your door.

Why Our Prints Cost More

There’s no way around it...our photo prints cost more than Target's or Walgreens', but in an effort to be transparent business owners, here’s a bit more as to why that is:
1) Each photo is printed from ProDPI (our preferred photo lab located in Colorado) and printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Super Type PD paper. ProDPI takes incredible care to ensure their print quality is consistent and beautiful. That being said, the higher price equals greater care and quality.

2) When a print is purchased, ProDPI gets a cut and we get a cut (Pixieset graciously doesn’t take one). Thus your higher purchase total (as compared to a photo purchase at Target) gets divided up pretty quick, especially when accounting for things like costs of production, payment processing fees, and taxes. We also don't sell in the volume a Target or Walgreens does. Volume often provides additional savings to a consumer. But consider this: every print you purchase truly supports a small business and a phenomenal photo lab and allows them to keep doing what they're passionate about doing.

 Hey! It's Rachel and me on Fuji Crystal. Photo in the photo by  Geneoh .

Hey! It's Rachel and me on Fuji Crystal. Photo in the photo by Geneoh.

Go Print Your Photos!

In a growing digital age, it’s all too easy to let one’s photos stay digital. iPhones, Facebook and Instagram are certainly amazing tools to conveniently share moments with one’s friends and family. However, Rachel and I both believe that there is still something powerful about the feel of flipping through a stack of prints that remind you of your stories. That's why we're so excited to announce and offer this feature.

So go print your photos...with us, with Target, with whoever...we just want you to experience the thrill of holding captured moments in your hands.