andrea + seth | dellwood barn wedding

this is one of those couples that just "fits". when you see them together and watch how they interact with one another, you just can't imagine another person taking one of their places. 

i think andrea and seth know this about themselves. when you know how good of a thing you have, you protect and take care of it. andrea and seth requested that their "first look" be completely private. they just wanted five or ten minutes alone before the day really started flying by. a small part of me was bummed because first looks are filled with really genuine emotion, and there's an opportunity for some beautiful photographs. however, i greatly respect couples who take time to be alone on their wedding day. on a day dedicated to celebrating the love you share, very few couples get much quality time together (if any). i've even told couples to go take five minutes for themselves during the time we're taking photos. that's how important i think it is. i tip my hat to these two for choosing to prioritize one another, and set the tone for a remarkably beautiful day. 

andrea and seth were married at Dellwood Barn in Grant, MN. to see their wedding video filmed by Harvest Film Co. click here. (the end totally made me cry. shocking, i know.)