kristin + mitch | hilltop orchard wedding

i've already laid out my love for these two in an earlier post, so i'll hop right to my love for their wedding...

"our vision for the wedding is a party without pretense," kristin explained to me at one of our meetings. their day was spot on. it was thoughtful and beautifully simple, with nothing missed and nothing overdone. just like kristin and mitch. their wedding was an honest celebration of two people overcome with joy about their marriage, not just their wedding. as a wedding photographer, there's nothing more refreshing to witness. 

kristin and mitch were married at mitch's family's apple orchard in La Crescent, MN. this was their song. listen & look for the full experience:

"Chances are we are the same;
Against the odds, against the grain
We lean, like gardens toward light.
We reach with all of our might
For such a noble aim as love."