sweet sunshine | charlie's first birthday

it's gloomy and rainy in minneapolis today and we're all in need of a little sunshine. here are some bright and happy rays for you in the form of a one-year-old at his first birthday party. it doesn't get much sweeter than this! 

jordan and danielle are dear friends of ours, and phenomenal parents to this precious little babe; just one of many things on the list of "things to love about this family". also atop said list:

  • their amazing little abode in NE MPLS. it's a neutral-color-lover's haven. (read: MY haven.)
  • their Great Dane, Ella. she's a giant, and as gentle as they come. my husband is not-so-secretly in love with her. i don't blame him one bit.
  • they named their son Charleston Grey. COME. ON.

friendships like theirs fill our hearts with such gratitude. and photos like these almost make me wish it was still socially acceptable to sit on a tabletop and stuff my face with cake in front of my friends. don't worry, i'll likely come up with different plans for my birthday in a few months. maybe. 

happy first birthday, sweet char-char! you are so loved.