allison + nathan | stillwater, mn engagement

i don't always get to take engagement photos for my couples, but i absolutely relish the opportunity when i do. engagement sessions serve a few purposes. the obvious one being you take some pre-wedded-bliss photos with your beloved. however the BONUS is you get to know your photographer and vice-versa. that way, when your much-dreamt-about wedding day comes with all of it's emotionally intimate moments (and LOTS of them) it's mildly less awkward. albeit it's a little odd having people watch you dress no matter who they are, but better to have a friend follow you around with a black box in front of their face documenting your every move than some rando you know via email dressed in all black everything. sidenote: i make it a point to save my noir ensembles for morbid occasions, and weddings are pretty darn happy. i respect their Jay-Z vibe however. 

engagement sessions can also double as a little practice round for the [hundreds of] wedding photos you'll be in. 75% of the people i photograph tell me about their little self-conscious habits that come out when a camera is present. best way to get those fake smiles, awkward kisses, and attempted ANTM poses out of your system is to do so before your one wedding day. all of this to say, i love engagement sessions. i love learning people's stories and taking the time to know the faces in the frame. namely, these ones right here. 

meet allison and nathan. these guys are troopers. for two reasons: 

  1. note the photo of them trudging their way through thigh-high snow for a photo. (also see my sad little rain boots that were unfortunately of zero help to me in that situation)
  2. they've been engaged for three years. THREE. it's about time they get MARRIED! 

more of these pretty people's faces coming in june!