musings | it is well

two things to know about me: i love my friends like i love my family, and i cry at everything (just ask my husband). to the point where if a little league team wins a tee-ball game, or for the twelfth time i watch the episode of Ross and Rachel finally getting back together i well up. it's bad. 

to a fault, i've always been one to bear the weight of other's emotions. call it compassion, or call it insanity. as someone in the business of asking people to smile, and documenting the very happiest of life's occasions it typically results in experiencing a boatload of joy right along with my clients. however, life deals out of both hands. this past week was an emotional doozy. numerous close friends of mine experienced the kind of heartache that takes hold of the direction of your life and whips it around two full turns. i've seen dear friends of mine somehow navigate through the very darkest of days with a grace and quiet understanding of something greater- it's left me amazed and encouraged. in the face of anxiety while their hearts are still mending and their questions await answers, the strength of their spirit reflects these three little words,

the resilience of the human heart never ceases to astound me. circumstances aside, heartache aside, anticipated life plans aside, they can speak these words with a confidence in their hearts because of a trust that runs deeper than any pain ever could reach. to my friends and to all who experience every toiling and beautiful thing life has for us, i hope these words bring you solace and wrap your hearts in rest.