birthday eve | believing for superabundance

it's the eve of my birthday and i'm feeling wide-eyed as i flip through the possibilities of what the next 365 could hold. everything feels fresh, just like springtime.

year 23 was the absolute best. like, THE best. i spent the majority of my year living with my best girlfriends, i went full-time with photography, took some great trips with some even greater people, and the creme dela creme: i began dating, fell in love, and married the coolest person i've ever met (we moved things along quickly...). that last one is the cherry on top of a freaking fabulous year. [sidenote: ever since i was young, i thought i would get married when i was 23. child prophet over here!]

nothing really "happens" when you turn 24. it's kinda like turning eleven; it's not one of those landmark years. however, i'm believing for superabundance this year. this verse is my all time favorite, and one of my greatest encouragements to dream as big as my brain allows. my sweet friend natalie crafted this card for me, and i'm sure it'll be taking up permanent residence on my desk. i'm believing with full confidence that those dreams we conjure up in our hearts and our heads can grow legs and become. beyond that, they're meant to be so much more than we originally thought or planned. the best is yet to come and i'm kickin it off right.

24, let's do this thing.