favorite wedding films | janssen powers

i first came across this wedding video when researching elopements just after i got engaged. and yes, i was researching elopements...i wanted to see if any brides had regrets about opting out of a large wedding. they didn't. (we decided on a small wedding of 25 guests instead of eloping!)

laura and nick's mountain elopement shot by janssen powers is, in a word, stunning. i've watched it a good fifteen times, and i'm still awing over the beauty of it all. the grandeur of the pines, the way they laugh at their first look, that SONG (matt corby. those vocals, for heaven's sake.), her dress + combat boots look, the timely mountain rain, the intimacy of it all. one of my forever favorites- hope you enjoy. 

ps: the photos are equally as beautiful. check out benj haisch's genius work here.