andrea + seth | sunset on the lake engagement

i love everything about weddings. they're one of the most significant days in a couple's journey filled with their favorite people, their deepest emotions, and their whole heart. the day is filled with grandeur. however, an engagement session happens on an ordinary day. you're in your normal clothes, at familiar spots, and no one is there to watch. 

i love the ordinary parts of relationships. how you hold each other's hand, your favorite way of sitting in the grass together, how you respond when the other laughs. the minor things. they're what may go unnoticed or happen less frequently as the years pass, but it's the minor things that hold every major thing together. it's all of the little things that built together to create one great love celebrated on one big day. they're what make a wedding day every wonderful thing that it is. 

i was so thankful to spend some time learning who andrea and seth are as individuals, and as a couple. fun fact: they're high school sweethearts (the sweetest). i loved seeing how these two connected with one another throughout their session. thank you both for battling through the clouds of mosquitos! ah, minnesota.