andressa + david | fourth of july wedding

i love this couple's story. for starters, andressa is brazillian and david is from a small town in wisconsin- i love that pairing! during the ceremony, their pastor (the groom's brother-in-law) told the story of andressa and david's relationship beginning at college. david serves in the U.S. Marine Corps and thought, "what woman would want to date me since I'll be gone for so long on duty?" andressa simply replied, "i would". 

remember what i said in this post about long distance relationships and their benefits during a photoshoot? well this is like that, times two hundred. andressa and david were long distance fiances, david returned home a few days before the wedding, and then had to fly out two days later for training. all that to say, the intimacy these two shared on their wedding day was so beautiful. i felt like a fly on the wall, just quietly documenting it all. they didn't once ask me "how do you want us to stand?" or "what do you want me to do with my bouquet?". they were in their own world, completely captivated by one another. just as it should be. 

andressa and david were married at david's family's farm in eastern wisconsin on the fourth of july (complete with fireworks!). thank you both for the privilege of capturing your wedding! david, thank you again for serving our country and protecting our freedom. 


ps: there's a photo somewhere in this post of david being kissed by a group of women. those would be his EIGHT sisters. and, he's the only boy.