alyssa + ethan | a reverse-order wedding

i love when a couple's wedding really tells you about who they are. these two are innovators who tossed aside the traditional wedding model and created something totally "them". they had a vision of what they wanted, and they made it happen. alyssa has always wanted to be married at sunset. however when you live in the midwest and your wedding is in early august, the sun sets at 8:30 pm. since they weren't keen on serving dinner at 9:30 pm, they simply switched their entire wedding schedule around.

cocktails. dinner. speeches. ceremony. dessert. dance. and it worked flawlessly.

i will forever remember this wedding because of it's ingenuity, and for one other reason. because i tend to express my emotions rather liberally (a kind way of saying i cry at everything/on the daily), i really appreciated how every single member of alyssa's family was completely incapable of holding their emotions together during the speeches. it was beautiful and honest. solidarity! 

alyssa and ethan were married at alyssa's parent's lakeside home near Green Bay, WI surrounded by their closest friends and family. i so appreciate who both of these people are, and am so thankful to call them friends. 

...shoutout to my MAJORLY handsome husband for second shooting with me, as well as being a killer DJ for the dance portion of their wedding!