asha + alex | minneapolis engagement session

"i'm just letting you know right now, we're going to be really awkward. we don't ever kiss in front of people," asha told me before i even had my camera out of my bag. alex laughed in agreement. 

"oh'll be great!" i assured them.

here's the truth: 9 out 10 people feel uncomfortable when someone holds a camera in front of them (and i am most definitely one of those 9 people). but the other truth is this: you don't have to be impressive. you don't have to be "modelicious". you don't need to have experience in front of a camera other than your iPhone selfies. you don't even need to even pay attention to the camera (i.e. me). just be in love with who you're with. it's as simple and beautiful as that. it looks a little something like this.