2015 | bird is the word.

every year i have a "word". in it's own way it acts as my theme for the upcoming year. it's the closest thing i have to a resolution, i suppose. i spend some time evaluating my last year, myself, my goals, my dreams, journaling & praying and (somehow) out of all of that emerges a single word. it's happened for years, and it's been right on every time. this past year my word was "faithful". let me tell you, never has a word resonated so deeply with truth as faithful was for my 2014. 

so here we are. another new year ripe with possibility. i feel so hope-filled and excited about this year; more so than any other year i can remember. this is advantageous, considering the word i have set before me for 2015. 


i don't know that i would consider myself a particularly brave person. i admire courageousness in others and am always inspired by acts of bravery whether they're small or sizable, but i'm more of a dreamer with a curious soul. i wonder about a lot of things. however, bravery is necessary to carry that curious dream over into action. i have both figurative and literal pages of dreams. some little, some scary, and all of them teeming with potential. step one: be brave. 

 keep an eye on the blog for my favorite images of 2014, (BIG!) business updates, travels of late, and as much beauty as i can possibly find here in the new year. happy, happy 2015 to you, friends!

 image credit: http://shannamurray.com/Shanna_Murray/Home.html

image credit: http://shannamurray.com/Shanna_Murray/Home.html