Hannah + Gustav | St. Anthony Main Elopement

this was one of my favorite wedding celebrations I've ever been a part of. and actually, I didn't know I would be a part of it. I thought I would be taking some portraits of hannah and gustav before their courthouse ceremony held later that afternoon. however when I arrived, hannah met me with "so, we're just going to get married now. does that sound okay?". um...yes. always. it's always okay with me. 

we took some portraits, chatted a bit, sipped some coffee, and after a while took a walk to find a ceremony spot. we walked down some wooded paths below Minneapolis' beloved stone arch bridge until hannah stopped and said, "I think this would work". the bride's family gathered around, the pastor began, and a few moments later they shared the same last name. I felt so honored to be there with them. 

ps: hannah made her bouquet and gustav's boutonniere out of pages from "The Great Gatsby". my kind of girl. 

pps: hannah and gustav are planning a wedding celebration in the groom's home city of Paris (swoon) in the upcoming year. so, who else would like to jump in their suitcases with me?