Tara + Joseph | Rooftop Wedding in St. Paul

Middle. School. Sweethearts!!! These two have a long history and one heck of a love story. I don't know how sure of yourself you were when you were in middle school, but I most certainly wasn't at the point of selecting my lifetime mate. No, I was consumed with thoughts of managing my frizzy hair and purchasing my next pair of Sketchers. 

Tara and Joey were married at A'BULAE in St. Paul this past fall surrounded by the overwhelming love and support from their family and friends, glasses of champagne, and a whole lot of laughter. These two have certainly seen each other through many phases of life, and I'm sure they'll greet many more by each other's side! 

ps: Be sure to note the frames on the dinner tables indicating the table numbers. The paper in the frames is comprised of all the love notes Tara and Joey wrote to one another when they were younger. I don't think it gets any sweeter!